Blogger Roundup

The book isn’t even on sale yet and I have to do a roundup post. best problem ever, I ask you?

Thank you to so many great readers who take the time to share their passion with others. It’s HARD to pick out a book right now. I love indie bookseller recommendations (check for yours) but what if an indie isn’t anywhere nearby, or what if your indies are only buying from a few publishers due to modern financial stresses on small business retail? Without grammars and bloggers and reviewers we’d all be lost. Here are a few I’d like to highlight and show my gratitude toward… (hover for links) I wish I could send you all on #momspringas!

Linda’s Book Obsession

This story reminds me of the old Calgon commercial on television, where the wife/mother is having a difficult day, and says “Calgon Take Me Away”.  

Between My Lines

I’m spilling over with love for this book. 

There is a very bookish theme, sparkling banter between the characters, including in-depth discussions on books. And there is food porn, there was so much food consumed that I was constantly hungry. And there was journaling. And a New York setting. And all the humour, literally laugh out loud moments.

New in Fiction

Books To Read If You like Humorous Fiction

Are you looking for some hilarious new additions to your reading list? If you’re a fan of literary fiction you have to check out these amazing new novels. 

Lovely Things NC

This is an amazing story about identity, raising kids, moving on, and love. Kudos to Kelly Harms for terrific writing. Just when you think the book has peaked, my gosh, it gets even better.

Words with Rach

Even more surprising were all of the bookish anecdotes the author included. All of the book talk made me think of Bookstagram. If you love a good rom-com, bookish talk and humor this book will definitely be a great addition to your TBR.