OVERDUE LIFE Blog Tour Begins Today!

I’m on my favorite (only) kind of book tour, the one I do in pajamas. I’m actually wearing a woven creamy soft alpaca blanket with a hole in it that goes over my head. I’d call it a poncho but then that would take away from its pure blanketness. The sun is shining, it’s 55 degrees, and there’s 6-8 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow. Oh, Wisconsin.

First stop is with Maryann of MaryannWrites.com and boy howdy does she ever write—screenplays, plays, and novels. Somehow she finds time to read too, and she clearly has excellent taste. HEHE. Thanks for the great review, (here) Maryann! I clipped the bit below because I love Lena, a mostly-off screen secondary character, so much, and love it when readers feel the same way:

“…the characters in this book are so well-drawn, the reader can’t help but relate and see them as real people, and maybe have a bit of sympathy for a jerk.

Within the cast of supporting players, I especially liked Amy’s friend, Lena, an ex-nun who teaches at the prestigious school where Amy is the librarian and her children are students.

Early on in the story when Amy is talking to Lena about whether she should go to New York and more importantly if she should accept John’s offer of money so she can enjoy the vacation in style, the friends segue into a brief discussion about Joe, Amy’s twelve year old son and what Amy wants for him. “I want him to get a degree in ‘Joe being happy for the rest of his life,'” I tell her. “Short of that, I guess prelaw.”

“I actually think those two majors are diametrically opposed. But then what do I know? I teach ethics.”