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A big thank you to Chick Lit Central's Melissa Amster for this truly original review. 

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I really enjoyed this novel and felt sympathetic toward both Janey and Nean. I wanted only good things for them. Aunt Midge was quite a character, full of life and personality, as well as a huge heart. She was impossible not to love. The story is funny and heartbreaking throughout.
— Melissa Amster

Campus Circle Feature

Campus Circle, a newspaper based in LA, featured THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS in their list of fiction books to read before summer ends!

Another perfect summer diversion is THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS OF SHIPWRECK LANE. Kelly Harms writes with love about a trio of women desperate for a change and smart enough to recognize it may not be exactly what they planned. Delicious.”
— Angela Matano, Campus Circle

Cedar Rapids Gazette

I talked with my hometown newspaper about the importance of friendship in THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS. Thank you to Laura Farmer for this lovely review. Find the article online here
Yes, there’s wish fulfillment, yes, there’s men. But the men don’t get as much TLC from the writer as the women’s friendships do. Because as a reader I think you know this is what’s going to carry them forward. It’s the friendship with each other that heal and change them enough to make them ready to be in love. And I wanted that to really sneak up on the girls themselves, in the way that is does in real life.
— Kelly Harms

"Madisonian's Debut Novel Makes Great Summer Read"

Stephanie Bedford reviewed THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS in the Madison magazine, CapTimes.

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The friction between the Janines, along with a few romantic foibles and a lot of delicious meals, result in a sweetly funny and unpredictable story that’s ultimately about making a home where you find it. “It’s a book about what home is, and all the things that we look for in a home. It’s a lot to ask from an inanimate object,” says Harms.
— Steph Bedford of CapTimes