When I found myself with a manuscript that didn’t match what I’d published previously, I knew the same standard query I’d written before wouldn’t do. Kelly brilliantly packaged that book along with where I’d been in my career and where I wanted to go with it into a stunning query that got results. I couldn’t have gotten this book to market without her.
— EC


  • “Holy cojones, you are worth every single penny!!! I’m so tickled as I read your copy. Your notes are invaluable.”   —Cecilia Gray, author of the Jane Austen Academy series

  • “Considering all the writing seminars, classes, workshops, and contests I’ve paid for (and learned from), the absolute best thing I’ve done for my writing career to date is hire you."   —CF

  • "You truly ARE a query whisperer! Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance." --JH

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  • Finding a literary agent is not for the faint of heart—especially if one has never been down that road before and, as in my case, is trying to place a long piece of historical non-fiction.  Kelly Wimmer was the perfect partner.  She helped me understand the process, wrote a query letter that was so convincing that several agents wanted to see more, wrote a synopsis that was far more concise and clear than anything I could have written, and advised me once an agent displayed interest.  Not only was her work superb, but her counsel gave me a level of confidence that encouraged me to persevere —a process that from start to finish took a surprisingly short five months.   —TW


  • Prior to working with Kelly Harms Wimmer, I had read books, participated in webinars, and tried countless approaches to writing the perfect query letter and a synopsis that not only was brief but managed to encapsulate what is a fairly complex story. I never really felt like I got the pitch right, and, worse, when the rejections came back from agents, I could never tell if they were saying no to the story or the query. Kelly put together a query and synopsis package that was so succinct and punchy I wanted to read the book myself. She knows the right words, how to grab attention and move the agent from query to requests for a partial manuscript. I have had three requests for partials already, and from those agents who have decided to pass, it is not unusual to hear words like “great premise” and “strong project” and “publishable”.  This business is so much about getting the foot in the door. I highly recommend Kelly Harms Wimmer for those who are entering this stage of their writing career.  —James Smurawa, author of The Child of Atitecos

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I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the light.-3.png


  • “Thank you again for your valuable, professional input on the query for my novel and sample manuscript pages. I have had several requests for partials and fulls, from agents who I previously thought were out of my league, so I know that the query has been effective.”    —SG