Ask a former agent... get some honest answers

If you're an author looking for a straightforward route into and through the publishing business, you're not alone, and you're not crazy--it's a crazy business. When you're stuck knocking on the door, drop me a line. Let's get through this together.


Query Assistance

Strange though it may seem, you may NOT be the best person to sell your book to agents. If your query letter isn't melting through the slush pile, or if you can't get a query you're proud to send, stop white-knuckling it and get the help you need.

Query Consultation: Submit: a query that isn't working, your CV or a bit of background info, and three chapters of your book. Receive: the query that will make agents sit up and take notice. Double or even triple your response rate. Get yourself into the selection driver's seat. $350.

Query from Start to Finish: Submit: a blank page. Receive: a 30 minute *included* phone consultation on how, who and where to query and a complete, from scratch, pitch-perfect query that gets your book into the right hands. Start out right; make the first impression the one that counts. $575.


Contracts assistance

Agency Agreement Review and Counseling: What is this piece of paper and why are you signing it? A point by point review of your agent's proffered agency agreement. Negotiation points, danger zones, and industry standards explained. * Rate: $125/hr

Publishing Agreement Review and Counseling: Congratulations on your offer! Let me review your agreement with you personally, piece by piece, so you know exactly what you're signing--and know when you shouldn't be signing.*  Rate: $125/hr

Royalty Statement Review: Congratulations on your first royalty statement (or tenth)! But what the hell does it mean? I will teach you how to read the statement, understand the worth of your book, and find opportunities for earnings that would otherwise be unnoticed. 


Ad Hoc Publishing Coaching

Even in the smallest, friendliest publishing houses and contracts, you may find yourself needing that third party to step in and distinguish what is industry standard--and what may be predatory behavior. Listen to your gut. The money you invest for advice now could save you years of work and thousands of dollars. It could even save your book.* Rate: $125/hr

*Note: Literary Agents (including fee-only advisors) are not lawyers (thus the reasonable hourly rates). In the rare case that something unusual appears such that legal counsel is advised, your fee will be waived and you will be immediately referred.